Integrating with the interface

Using the SDK with the Namada interface

The Namada interface (opens in a new tab) is a web interface developed by the Anoma Foundation.

It allows you to easily create and manage your own decentralized identity, including integrating with the ledger application.

The interface implementation uses a combination of TypeScript and Rust in order to interact with the SDK.


// Import Sdk & Query
import { Query, Sdk } from "@namada/shared";
// Import wasm initialization function
import { init as initShared } from "@namada/shared/src/init";
async function init() {
    await initShared();
    const sdk = new Sdk(RPC_URL_OF_NAM_NODE);
    const query = new Query(RPC_URL_OF_NAM_NODE);
  // ...


To learn more, please read the documentation maintained here (opens in a new tab)