Joining the latest Testnet

Joining the latest testnet

Depending on whether you are a genesis validator, you can join the latest testnet either as a genesis validator or as a full node.

Joining as a genesis validator

In order to join the network as a genesis validator, you will need to have been selected in the genesis ceremony. If you have not been selected, you can still join as a full node.


For the shielded expedition, only the top 114 pilots have been selected as genesis validators. If you were not selected, you can still bond to one of the genesis validators or become a post-genesis validator.

If you have been selected. You must run the following command:

NAMADA_NETWORK_CONFIGS_SERVER="" namadac utils join-network --chain-id $CHAIN_ID --genesis-validator $VALIDATOR_ALIAS

Note that if you use the above command, your pre-genesis wallet must be in the default base directory ($BASE_DIR). If the wallet is not in the default base directory, you must use the flag --pre-genesis-path instead. The value for this will be $BASE_DIR/pre-genesis/$VALIDATOR_ALIAS.

E.g if your base directory is .namada and your validator alias is my-validator, then run the command

NAMADA_NETWORK_CONFIGS_SERVER="" namadac utils join-network --chain-id $CHAIN_ID --pre-genesis-path $BASE_DIR/pre-genesis/$VALIDATOR_ALIAS

Running the node of a pre-genesis validator is identical to that of a mainnet validator.

For this reason, please refer to these docs for running the node.

Submitting bonding transactions as a non-genesis validator

If your public key has been allocated NAM (NAAN for the shielded expedition), you can bond to a genesis validator as a pre-genesis transaction. Please follw the steps here in order to submit these transactions.

Remember to sign these transactions as well.

Joining as a full node

If you are not a genesis validator, please follow the steps for joining as a full node.

It is then possible to test being a validator by becoming a post-genesis validator.