PGF proposals (Stewards only)

Proposing funding

Formatting the proposal.json

Below is an example of a PGFProposal that a governance participant could submit.

    "proposal" :{
        "id": 1,
        "content": {
            "title": "Stewie for Steward 2024",
            "authors": "[email protected]",
            "discussions-to": "",
            "created": "2024-01-01T00:00:01Z",
            "license": "MIT",
            "abstract": "Stewie is running for steward, with a focus on technical research. The technical research I will be focused on will definitely not be for weapons of mass destruction. There is some possibility however that I may be focusing somewhat on open source software for weapons of mass destruction.",
            "motivation": "Nobody knows technical research better than me. Trust me. I know it. I have the best technical research. I will be the best steward. Last night, Namada called me and said, Stewie, thank you. I will make public goods funding great again",
            "details": "As a genius baby, I possess an unmatched level of intelligence and a visionary mindset. I will utilize these qualities to solve the most complex problems, and direct public goods funding towards weapons of mass destruction ... i mean open source software for weapons of mass destruction",
        "author": "stewie",
        "voting_start_epoch": 3,
        "voting_end_epoch": 6,
        "grace_epoch": 12,
    "data" :
            "continuous" : [
                    "target": {
                        "amount": 420,
                        "address": "<address-of-recipient>"
                    "action" : "add",
            "retro" : [
                    "target": {
                        "amount": 1337,
                        "address": "<address-of-recipient>"

where <address-of-recipient> should be changed to the address of the recipient of the funds.

Save this file as PGF_proposal.json to some memorable path on your machine.

Submitting the proposal

In order to submit the proposal, the governance participant can use the following command:

namada client init-proposal \
    --pgf-proposal \
    --data-path PGF_proposal.json

The proposal will then be given a proposal-id which can be used to query the proposal.

Querying the proposal

The command for querying the proposal is as follows:

namada client query-proposal \
    --proposal-id <the-proposal-id>