Install From Binaries


There are certain pre-requisites that need to be installed before installing Namada via binaries.

These are:

Downloading the binaries

Now that you have all dependencies installed, you can download the latest binary release from our releases page (opens in a new tab) by choosing the appropriate architecture.

The below code will download all the binaries for the latest release for all supported operating systems.

OPERATING_SYSTEM="Linux" # or "Darwin" for MacOS
latest_release_url=$(curl -s "" | grep "browser_download_url" | cut -d '"' -f 4 | grep "$OPERATING_SYSTEM")
wget "$latest_release_url"

Older versions of the binaries are available from Github -- see the releases page (opens in a new tab)

Unzip the tar using the following command:

#Assuming the user only has one namada tar file in the current directory
tar -xzvf namada*.tar.gz

Placing the binaries onto $PATH

For ubuntu and mac machines, the following command should work for placing namada into path.

Once inside the directory containing the binaries:

sudo cp ./namada* /usr/local/bin/