Getting Started

About this documentation

Welcome to Namada's docs! This book is intended for any audience looking to:

Reporting bugs

If you find any bugs along the journey, please report them in the Namada repository (opens in a new tab). Feel free to also join the discord and ask questions in the Namada channel (opens in a new tab).

How to read this book

Here are some useful tips for reading this book:

  • Comments start with #:

# this is a comment. Make sure you read them!

  • Sample outputs start with an arrow:

➜ this is an example command line output useful for comparing

  • User-defined inputs are in angle brackets:

this is a command you should run "<with your own input>"

About this documentation

This book is written using Nextra (opens in a new tab), the source can be found in the Namada documentation repository (opens in a new tab).

Contributions (opens in a new tab) to the contents and the structure of this book should be made via pull requests.