Logging configurations

Configuring Logging on Namada

The logging of the ledger can be configured by setting the following environment variables. Default values are in bold.

NAMADA_LOGinfo, debug, warn, errorLogging verbosity
NAMADA_LOG_COLORtrue, falseSwitch colors on / off
NAMADA_LOG_DIRIf set, the logs will be written to files in the specified directory. The log files will be named namada.log and namada.err.log and compressed using gzip.
NAMADA_LOG_FMTfull, json, prettyLogging format
NAMADA_LOG_ROLLINGnever, minutely, hourly, dailyRolling logs frequency
NAMADA_CMT_STDOUTtrue, falsePrint all the CometBFT logs to stdout. (This information may be valuable to validators.)
CMT_LOG_LEVELinfo, debug, warn, errorCometBFT logs verbosity