The Namada Campfire Testnet ⛺🔥

The Namada Campfire ⛺🔥 testnet is run in parallel to the "validator" testnet. This is a community-run testnet, currently being maintained and orchestrated by the Luminara collective (opens in a new tab), a small group of Namada supporters. Campfire usually runs the latest release (or pre-release), which may differ from the validator testnet. You can see the version and more at (opens in a new tab)



The most up-to-date docs on joining Campfire ⛺🔥 can be found here (opens in a new tab).


Currently, Campfire ⛺🔥 docs only detail support for Ubuntu machines.

The user will need to have installed the Stack-Orchestrator (opens in a new tab), which is a general tool for quickly and flexibly launching and managing a software stack in a containerized environment. The docs are found in the README (opens in a new tab) of the repo, and the tool can be installed by running the following command:

git clone
cd stack-orchestrator

Once this is completed, it is recommended to install Namada through the following Docker image (and the version in this command may need to be updated accordingly (opens in a new tab):

export NAMADA_TAG=v0.23.1
docker pull spork666/namada:$NAMADA_TAG
docker image tag spork666/namada:$NAMADA_TAG cerc/namada:local
mkdir -p ~/.local/share/namada

Running the node

Once this is completed, the user can run the following command to start the node:

curl -o ~/luminara.env
laconic-so --stack public-namada deploy --env-file ~/luminara.env up
echo "export CONTAINER=$(docker ps -q)" | sudo tee -a /etc/profile
CONTAINER=$(docker ps -q)

The relevant and more detailed docs are found here (opens in a new tab).

Interacting with the testnet

The Luminara collective (opens in a new tab) has also composed a Namada CLI cheat sheet (opens in a new tab) that is available and useful for any Namada user.