File System Wallet

By default, the Namada Wallet is stored under .namada/{chain_id}/wallet.toml where keys are stored encrypted. You can change the default base directory path with --base-dir and you can allow the storage of unencrypted keypairs with the flag --unsafe-dont-encrypt.

If the wallet doesn't already exist, it will be created for you as soon as you run a command that tries to access the wallet. A newly created wallet will be pre-loaded with some internal addresses like pos, pos_slash_pool, masp and more.

Currently, the Namada client can load the password via:

  • Stdin: the client will prompt for a password.
  • Env variable: by exporting a ENV variable called NAMADA_WALLET_PASSWORD with a value of the actual password.
  • File: by exporting an ENV variable called NAMADA_WALLET_PASSWORD_FILE with a value containing the path to a file containing the password.