Namada FAQ

Q: How do I join as a validator post-genesis?

A: Joining as a validator post genesis can be done following these instructions.

Q: How do I use the Faucet?

A: The faucet can be accessed here (opens in a new tab)

Q: Where can I see the available tokens on the Faucet?

A: The following list of tokens are available to withdraw from the faucet:


There are a few more, but we leave it to you as a challenge to find out which these are 🤔 HINT: namadac balance

Q: How do I use the Ethereum Bridge?

A: The Ethereum Bridge is not yet implemented as of 0.23.0 Keep an eye on the Changelog (opens in a new tab) 👀 to see when it will be officially released.

Q: How can I make an IBC transfer?

A: As of v0.23.1 you can now follow the docs here!

Q: What requirements do I need to be a User/Validator?

A: See hardware requirements.

In order to build binaries from source, at least 16GB RAM will be required.

Q: Where can I find the binaries to run Namada if I do not want to build from source?

A: See Installing Namada from binaries