Installing CometBFT

Installing CometBFT

Downloading the latest release

Namada is compatible with CometBFT tag v0.37.2

You can download the latest release from this repository (opens in a new tab).

Adding the binaries to $PATH

If you have go installed and downloaded, you may want to add it to your $GOPATH/bin directory. This can be done by running the following command in the root directory of the repository

cp <path-to-cometbft-binary> $GOPATH/bin/

Otherwise, we recommend you simply copy it to your /usr/local/bin which may require sudo permissions.

sudo cp <path-to-cometbft-binary> /usr/local/bin/

And enter your password when prompted.

In order to check that the installation was successful, you can run the following command

cometbft version

Which should output something like: